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Best IELTS Coaching in Gandhinagar

IELTS Coaching:

The International English Language Testing System widely known as IELTS is conducted in two prime categories-General and Academic.


The General Training Test is meant for the people visiting English speaking countries for the purpose of attending training programs, work experience or for secondary education. The intent behind General Training Test is to groom the visitors in respect of the survival skills in social or workplaces. General IELTS Training is required for the people migrating to the countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.


Academic test is meant for the people intending to go to an English speaking country for the purpose of higher education. This teat grooms the visa applicant in respect of the readiness of students in terms of English language. The IELTS is recognized by almost every university across the globe.


60 Minutes & 40 Questions


60 Minutes & 2 Tasks


11 to 14 Minutes


30 Minutes & 40 Questions


General Reading
  • Multiple choice questions,
  • Identifying & matching information,
  • Complete the sentences type questions
  • Making a summary, note, etc.
  • Questions with short answers.
Academic Reading

Academic Reading Tests is mostly based on the texts from books, journals, magazines and newspapers. The questions you may have to face are in the form of

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Summary & Notes completion
  • Flow-chart & Table completion etc.


General Writing
  • Two tasks of 150 words write-up in the form of a letter or responding to a situation.
  • While the other consists of an essay of 250 words in the form of a response to a point or a concept.
Academic Writing

The Academic Writing tests too have two writing tasks

  • One of 150 words is about the description of visual information and,
  • A response in 250 words to a point or a concept.


The Listening test is the same for both Academic and General Training versions of IELTS and consists of four recorded monologues and conversations.


This is the phase of the IELTS tests where you have to face a qualified and certified examiner. Speaking test usually includes the questions relating to

  • Yourself and your family.
  • You are also required to speak on a particular topic.(Clue Cards)
  • A discussion on the topic.

How will you attempt IELTS?

Duration: the complete set of the test segments will be completed in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Validity: the Academic IELTS will expire in two years.
Type of the test: Paper Tests
Results: Within 13 working days after the completion of the test.
Test Schedules: IELTS tests are conducted three times in a month.
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