Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada is the one of the most preferred countries for studying abroad especially for the students ready to learn from the most exciting studying atmosphere. Canada is gifted with natural beauty in the form of lush-green woods, streams, rocky mountains, multicultural population with diversity in language and traditions and above all loving people- all these enthuse a young mind to explore the new horizon of knowledge.

Canada is a vast country and regarded as the second largest country by area. It is highly urbanized country with the prime cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Quebec which are also the hub of some of the best educational institutes of the world.

  • Canada can be said to be highly urbanized country as 82% of her population reside in large and medium sized cities like Ottawa (The Capital City), Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
  • The country has challenging climate especially during winter season but the southern part is warmer in summer.
  • The country is worth remembering in terms of the Nobel Prize winners in the branches of research in the areas like Physics, Chemistry, and medicine and has ranked fourth worldwide for the scientific research.
  • Canada is also a Home to the headquarters of the many prominent multi-national technology organizations.
Why Canada?

There are number of reasons to opt for Canada as your higher education goals but the prime of them are:

  • The first reason to opt for Canada for higher education is the budget friendly various study courses at university and college levels. This is mainly because most universities are helped financially by the government. Hence, quality education with lower fees is possible in Canada.
  • Even from undergrad to Ph.D. degrees are awarded at comparatively affordable fees.
  • Another interesting fact is that most educational institutes in Canada offer the courses based on the current requirements of the industry, businesses and society at large and hence they are more vocational in nature.
  • Scholarships are also granted to the grad students and the aspirant PhDs conducting some research projects and there are certain schools too awarding scholarships to the international students based on their merits.

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