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As an IELTS and Student’s Visa consultant, my experience compels me to pen a few tips to keep yourself up-to the mark in your performance in IELTS exam. No matter, which language you follow in your day to day life, you need to be first of all good at your mother tongue. This is simply because you are sure to interpret everything first in your mother tongue and then in any other foreign language. Besides this, the following tips will help you out in improving your overall performance in IELTS exam.

  • Reading & Writing:
    Reading and writing are inter-related and in my opinion, if you work on it consciously, you can beautifully use it while attempting IELTS exams. For example, the more you read, the more you will be aware about Sentence Patterns in English by different authors and writers, the tone, flow, and above all the way even a simple word is used in a particular write-up.What makes Reading a bit challenging is that you get hardly 90 seconds to answer a question as are given 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. Hence the best practice would be NOT TO SPEND THE TIME AFTER THE QUESTION YOU DON’T KNOW.While in case of Writing you need to attempt 2 tasks in which you have to draft a write-up of around 150 to 200 words on a given topic. The best practice would be To Make Your Mind Habituated to ponder over the idea or concept you are going to write on. In the same way, try to make a short composition of the write-up in your mind and then start writing every day with strict measure of Time you take in writing a piece of write-up.
  • Speaking & Listening: 
    Speaking is the shortest test in the IELTS exam segment yet for some it might turn out to be challenging. To crack this test, you need not Speak as a Native does but you need to be comparatively correct and clear at grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Similarly avoid using the ambiguous words or terms which you are not confident of. In the span of 14 minutes, you have to prove your English language competence in terms of Speaking.Likewise, Listening test requires you to be an Attentive Listener. For it, you have to cultivate the habit of Making Notes of what you are listening and hence you should spend some time in watching and listening the Videos of some good English speakers on the platforms like You Tube or Ted talk show. It would definitely help you get a prestigious score in this segment of IELTS exam.
  • Role Vocabulary and how to make your vocabulary better:
    Rich vocabulary might help you in all the test segments of the IELTS exams. Vocabulary can be enhanced by

    • Doing your maximum communication in English with your seniors, elders, close friends and your social network. This will definitely add to your words list.
    • Reading articles, books, watch videos which will help you learn more and more new words every day.
    • Moreover, there are various techniques to remember words of a foreign language; you can follow any one of them which fits to your mind-set.
  • Grammar & Common mistakes in the same:
    Grammar grooms your way of communication in any particular language. For this you need to differentiate between Dialect & Language and you are attempting a test for Language hence you are bound to be good at grammar. So far I recollect, there are fixed number of the sentence pattern in English no matter whichever the country you may think of! You just need to have a good command over these sentence formula and that’s it. Once you are done with it, you will be able to Speak, Write, Listen, and Read in English with ease, for sure.

In nutshell, you need not fear as most of the students usually suffer from. Yes, you need to have a good level of confidence which you will be able to gain with your hard-work, sincerity, and the passion for cracking this exam. Remember one thing; everyone on this planet is a Learner forever. This is so because we learn everyday something amazing day in and day out, what makes the difference is the insight we need to develop for this process of learning.

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