Study in Malta

Study in Malta

Malta widely known as the Republic of Malta is world’s smallest country having a rich historic and cultural background. Malta is an island located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean yet highly rich in terms of the peaceful studying environment. Studying in Malta is worth penny spent as it is well equipped with high-end educational infrastructure and a member of the European Higher Education Area.

Malta is a southern European country with Maltese and English as their official language and that too with multi-culture population. People are loving and very co-operative by nature making Malta a perfect place for the students seeking for higher education abroad.

University of Malta is one of the oldest universities of the world. Malta has emerged as the first choice destination for the international students for higher education with 45% of the visiting international students. You can opt from a variety of study courses in the full-time or part-time degree and diploma courses.

Malta is a great place to study in respect of the natural landscape, beautiful lakes, and ocean front views. This is the reason why international students throng here for their dream study course. Vihaan Overseas, students’ visa consultants in Gandhinagar, have got deep experience of more than ten years in catering their student’s visa consultancy services in Gujarat.

Why Malta?
  • The first reason to opt Malta for further higher studies is the most affordable fees structure.
  • Ease of the Students’ Visa Process.
  • Malta has got some of the finest universities with varieties of the courses offered to the international students be it engineering, arts, pharmacy, IT, medicine, finance or marketing.
  • There are both private as well as public universities and colleges available in Malta with quality education and accommodation facility.
  • The most commonly used and official language in Malta is English unlike other European countries where language turns out to be a prime barrier for international students.
  • It is the safest place with almost zero crime rates.

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