Stressed About
Settling in New Country?

Side the stress of settling in a new country with our complete pre-departure briefing with strict guidelines and essential tips to follow.

Pre-departure Student Assistance For Best Post-arrival Experience!

Securing admission and obtaining your student visa - the process doesn’t end here. We think at the point where students face issues with settling in a new country with a different environment and culture, battling hard to blend themselves in a foreign country.

We at Vihaan Overseas, don’t just pass on the students after the admission and student visa process, we conduct pre-departure sessions with a detailed briefing on what they’re about to face in a journey and how can they make it a smooth transition to a new country with norms of any institute or university and country respective guidelines.

Our Pre-departure Briefing Sessions Are Filled With…

Test Preparation

Cultural Training

Cultural Training

Health &Safety Tips

Health & Safety Tips

Student Life Insights

Legalities of Country

Legalities of Country

Documents Checklist

Documents Checklist

Money Exchange and Banking

Money Exchange & Banking

Packing Essential

Packing Essentials

Settle All With Confidence!